My nephew is suffering from depression

My nephew Jesus who is suffering from depression. His Mother Juanita will be going to stay with him for a month to help him get through this. Please pray for them, may he find peace with the Lord, and bring happiness to his life with God. Love from your cousins, aunts, uncles, and sisters. We love you.

For the SB Firefighters fighting the Cabazon blaze

Please pray for the victims of the SB Fire who lost their lives, and to the families in this sorrowful time. Pray for the firefighter who was a victim and is fighting for his life. Pray for those who are fighting this fire, including my nephew who is a Chief firefighter
and his crew, John Green who came from the Imperial Valley to help.
Keep them safe. Thank you we love you all. From your family.

Pray for a family's loss of their son

Please pray for Julie Bash and her family. She told me today that her brother and sister in law lost their son last night. Her sister in law is the one how found him. Please include them on your prayer chain. Julie and Bill do lots for our parish.

Your brother in Christ,
David Lara-Tellez


For aunt who had intestinal surgery

For my Aunt Antonia Salas who is 83 yrs old and had intestinal surgery. May she recuperate and go home soon. She has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and misses her house and family.
May God be with her through this and bring her a speedy recovery. Please pray for her. Thank you.


Inner peace for my middle son

My middle son is struggling to obtain inner peace from a battle with alcoholism and struggles at work. Please pray for him that he find his way back to the church and peace with God. He is kind in heart and deserves to be at peace with himself and his problems.
- Susan P.


undergoing surgery

My sister is going to have a hysterectomy on Oct. 31 and she is quite concerned about it because they are not sure if the mass they will be taking out is cancerous or not. I ask you all to join my family in prayer please. She has two wonderful children and a loving husband and a concerned extended family who all wish that she gets well. We pray to God that she has a complication-free surgery.
- her concerned family

For my nephew Mikey who has cancer

My nephew is 22 years old and has a rare cancer in his spine. He has been fighting cancer for the last 2 years. He is the most beautiful person and it is hard to understand why these things happen. I pray that God will bless him, and keep him with us for a long long time. His name is Michael Morales and is loved dearly by all his cousins, aunts and uncles. We pray for him daily and his mother to give her the strength and love to get through this. We love you Mikey. From your Familia.