For the eternal repose of our dearly departed Michael Banawa

Please join our family in praying for the eternal repose of our beloved Michael Banaweawho unexpectedly died of a heart attack last Sunday. He was 41. We pray that God take Michael in His arms and give him eternal rest and happiness. Funeral services will be held on Saturday from 3-6 pm. Then his remains will travel to the Philippines for final burial.
~ His grieving extended family in Fontana & Chino Hills, CA and Alitagtag, Batangas,Philippines

For better health for my family members

I would like to have a prayer request for my cousin Sarah who has bone cancer; my uncle Felipe who has eye disease; my mother Vicenta who has arthritis & mild diabetes; my brother Cepring who has kidney problem; and all members of my family.Please pray for God's healing that He will make them be totally healed from their illnesses and that they will have a full recovery to make them strong and healthy.Pray for me too that God will continue to give me a good health. Peace and Good health to all. God bless us all and the whole world.Thank you so much.
~ DP Barazza


For my Uncle Joe Lopez

Uncle Joe fractured his ankle yesterday when he slipped on the ramp he had built for his wife Jenny. It's pretty bad, so he'll need surgery. Keep him in your daily prayers for a fast recovery.