Dear Father,

We have lift up the below petition to Our Mother of Perpetual Help and Saint Jude to Lord Jesus. We daily pray and pray and till now we totally no answer to our below petition yet. But we do not understand why we pray for others in critical condition immediately God answered their prayers and petitions lift up to Mother Mary and Saint Jude.

Please advise me shortly.

Thanks & God Bless,

Dear Saint Jude, please urgent pray and intercede for Mervyn Ng through Lord God for miracle now that Mervyn Ng will receive Diploma in Law certificate with Transcript slip 2007 issue by University of London shortly so that Mervyn Ng will able to pursue his 2nd year LLB Degree course at ITC School of Law for 2010 intake. At the same time Mervyn Ng will be able to work for the Legal line job. Mervyn Ng is daily very desperate of switching his career path to the Legal line job as Mervyn Ng have already compeletly lost interest on working as a IT job and Mervyn Ng do not want to torture himself to work in any IT industry anymore. Dear Saint Jude, please urgent pray and intercede for Mervyn Ng through Lord God that Mervyn Ng really want to switch his career path to the Legal line job shortly. Dear Saint Jude, please urgent pray and intercede for Mervyn Ng through Lord God for choosing a life time partner for Mervyn Ng shortly. Father God please send a healthy son and daughter for Mervyn Ng desire. Dear Saint Jude, please urgent pray and intercede for Mervyn Ng through Lord God to fulfill Mervyn Ng 2 ambitions so that Mervyn Ng can able to have peace of mind to focus on doing God mission. Dear Saint Jude, please urgent pray and intecede for Richard Ng and Mervyn Ng through Lord God for miracle cheques will arrive in Richard's letter box shortly before Mervyn Ng 2 months temporary job will expiry on 30 November 2009 causing Richard Ng and Mervyn Ng daily very anxiety and desperation, critical condition and face between life and death after Mervyn Ng 2 months contract end in November 2009. Please Help! ... Jesus ... Jesus ... Jesus ... Amen.

Focus on the Gifts of Today

Induce all with who you speak to devote themselves to the Most Blessed Sacrament. My Jesus I believe in you, I hope in you and I give myself to you.

- Gregoria M. Cabasin


Original musical composition "San Lorenzo Ruiz"

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I just want to share my original musical composition "San Lorenzo Ruiz" through the Holy Spirit to the community. May God bless you through the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary and through all His Holy Angels and Saints in Heaven and through the Holy Poor Souls in Purgatory.

One Body in Christ,
Oscar dV


Request for your assistance.


Im Ronald Felicilda from Cavite City, PHILIPPINES. Would like to request for your assistance.

This is to refer my son RON BRYON L. FELICILDA 18YEARS OLD, I.T. student in SAN SEBASTIAN COLLEGE RECOLLETOS, for any assistance in your good office. He was confined in the hospital due to problem of GUILLAIN BARRE SYNDROME.

My son is admitted in the hospital for 3 months, which resulted a huge hospital bill , presently we're doing a home remedy treatment.With this we are financially, medically and emotionally burdened to the unexpected ailment of our son. This case was emergency and we are not prepared either because there was no any other symptoms transpired prior to our son's hospitalization.
I hope and pray that there is another way that we can do, and give us a chance to live a better life with my family...
I'm desperately knocking at your heart, to please help us on our situation. I'm presently unemployed and attending to my son as a caregiver, because up to now he cannot move his lower part of his body..He cannot make a urine/bowel by himself and I'm afraid that he may not able to walk again and live a normal life...

We are begging for your kind assistance to please help us..Also i'm willing and interested if there's any job vacancy in your office , so i can give my son a proper medical treatment..
I'm willing to send all the medical records of my son and pictures if necessary..
Thank you very much and more power.

Very truly yours,

Mr. Ronald Felicilda
MOBILE#. 006329272481027


Please pray them.

For Eliyamma.A, Santosh.A, Sherin.A, Prakash.A, Annie.A, Shiny.A that each one of their sins may be forgiven, that they may be filled with the fruits of the holy spirit & be blessed with good health in mind, body & soul & be blessed with the gift of faith, peace, courage to love & worship God in all things they do. That they may outgrow their shallow, selfish, biased attitudes & be filled with love for all people, good & bad, rich & poor, & that by the compassion & mercy of our lord Jesus Christ may fill them full & finish their current troubles, heal their emotional wounds & banish all grief & pain. That each one of them, may be sanctified with Jesus's most precious blood & be made worthy of the Lord's eternal salvation. Grant these through in accordance with the will of our most high Jesus Christ, our saviour & redeemer.