Pray for Yadira and her family

Hey Everyone,My friend Yadira from work suffered a terrible tragedy today. Early this morning (Dec. 20, 2007), while driving home, two of her brothers, her cousin, and her boyfriend were involved in a car accident. They hydroplaned while driving down Waterman Ave. in San Bernardino, CA. Her two brothers and her cousin were killed in the crash, and her boyfriend is now in a coma, and his brain is bleeding. They are all between the ages of 16 and 18 and I do not know their names.This tragedy is going to make life even harder for Yadira and her family, as these young men worked with her father to help pay the bills. With that said, I ask that you all please pray for Yadira and her family, as well as for health for her boyfriend, and for the repose of the souls of those who died. Please ask that God be with them during these hard times, especially during this Christmas season, which makes this situation all the more tragic. Please keep them in your prayers, and please do not hesitate to pass this on, asking everyone you know to pray for Yadira and her family.Thank you, and God bless,


Personal prayer intentions

Lord, I thank YOU for your providence, guidance and wisdom to my daughters. Thank you for your assistance in making it possible for my daughters to graduate from nursing and for passing the board exams. I ask for your grace on my youngest daughter and for your help to put an end to my husband's addiction. Mother Mary, please intercede for my family. May we remain faithful to God and united to each other during these testing times.


Please pray for my mother Nelly Menjares

Please pray for my mother (her name is Nelly Menjares) who is in UCLA Hospital right now. She's a post transplant patient and a kidney biopsy showed that she's having a rejection problem. A procedure is supposed to be done to reverse the rejection but she got shingles probably due to her low resistance. She's being treated now for the shingles and doctors have to wait until she's healed before they can do any procedure for her kidney problem. Please pray that God will give her the strength to endure the pain and for her healing. It pains me so much to see my mother agonizing over her condition. Please pray also for strength for our family so we can give her the support and love that she needs now. I believe that God is good and He will see us through this. I thank you for your support and prayers.

carol ting


My prayer

Lord, all I ask of you and desire is your holy love, to find perseverance and the perfect accomplishment of our will.

~ Gregoria M. Cabasan


For the Gasca Family

Please pray for the return of good health to the Gasca family – Steve, Deanna, Julianna, and Nathaniel. Each one is dealing with health issues, some more life altering than others, that affect the well-being of the whole family. May God’s loving grace give them the strength to persevere through these obstacles and carry our God’s will.

~ Steve Gasca


Please pray for my daughter Yuri Balderrama

Please pray for my daughter Yuri Balderrama, That she gets curried she gets lumps (masses) on her breast and body constantly going to have to go under surgery each time a lump comes out to make sure they are not cancerous. She will be having surgery again on September 28, 2007.

Thank you,
Cathy Balderrama


I am going through a devastating court battle

Please pray for me I have a court date on 8/16/07, Thurs at 8:30am, I am going through a devastating court battle and tomorrow is a significant hearing. I need a miracle...please pray for strength for me and to overcome the fear. This has gone on for 4 years...please pray that God will give me favor and victory.

God bless,


Cancer patient needs frequent flyer miles for treatment

Michael is currently in the hospital having reconstructive surgery to his shoulder, which had to be removed due to a large cancerous tumor. He had been battling cancer for the last 3 years, he is 22 years old. He was diagnosed at 19 when he was going to start college. He wanted to work with children and become a teacher. He has the biggest heart and is a very special person and an inspiration to our family. He needs to go to San Antonio every 2 weeks for treatment. This was his last resort after having so many different treatments, most experimental researches, since he has a rare type of cancer.

We are also asking anyone who can donate frequent flyer or rapid rewards to help him continue his fight. He feels that by going through experimental treatments he will be doing good for others in his situation.

Please pray for him, or if you know of anyone who could help with the flights. The flights are the only thing we could not find help with. The Mercy Flights do not go to Texas due to restrictions. Please contact his Mother Corina Espinoza at (909) 964-2637. We thank you and bless you.


Prayer request from India

Please pray for me daily until cure require spiritual healing to cure black magic i am p.vijayakumar from chromepet place,chennai city,country india.i am 35 year oldcure of black magic and ,symptons: rigidity on my head from top and also body and please pray for protection of (minds/bodies/souls)by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST upon me.please pray for protection of (minds/bodies/souls)by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST upon me. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING


Pray she gets a job soon

I recently took an early retirement at the age of 55 after working for the State of California for 30 years in order to supplement my retirement check. I am having a difficult time finding another job. I have not given up faith or belief that the Lord will provide for me but as a human I do get overwhelmed. My mother lives with me and I don't want to lose my house. Please pray for me that I get a job as my funds are going down.

Thank you for your prayers, God bless all of you.
Maryanna E. Michael


For My Niece Lina Arce and her son.

I ask for your prayers to help my Niece Lina who just found out her young son Javy of 8 years old has a tumor in his brain. She stopped
working to be home with him and is having a very difficult time.
Dear Lord console the family and please make Javy's tumor go away.
Make him well and happy again. Thank you.

For a successful recovery from prostate cancer

Rene C. will undergo an operation this coming Tuesday morning at the Makati Medical Center. The doctors will pinpoint exact locations and remove theprostrate cancer cells to avoid further spread and anyfuture complications. The surgical procedure will lastfor about four hours. He will also need to stay in thehospital from 3 to 4 days for his post operation monitoring. Rene was not aware of his sickness as there were nosymptoms. It was just detected by a regular company medical check-up.

His REQUEST/MESSAGE is “for us to take good care ofour health by at least undergoing a regular medicalcheck-up---this is not for ourselves but for ourfamily and love ones”. He is also very grateful forour concern and specially our prayers.Let us all pray for Rene’s successful operation andspeedy recovery. Our Don Bosco Makati Class of 74 batch will also offer a mass for him on Monday, 6 pm at the Don Bosco Makati Parish church. We request you to please take part in this mass offering.

Joel Aquino


Special and Urgent Prayer Request

Special and Urgent Prayer Request for my sister who is undergoing surgery right as of this moment (this morning from 7 to 10 AM, Winnipeg time). Please take a moment of silence to pray for her:

"O Heavenly and Gracious Father, we all lift up to you our sister Winnie as she is going through surgery. We fervently pray for your miracles to take place and heal all the negative cells in her body especially around her uterus and ovary. We also pray for the doctors and medical team taking care of her right now. Lord, You are our Healer, lay upon your Mighty Hands to our sister and make her live a normal life very soon. And please keep in your loving arms our families in this time of trials. Allow our hearts to have peace that Ate Winnie will totally be out of any danger. This we pray in Jesus' name, through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary and with the holy angels and saints. AMEN."


For Brother Steve Eisom who fell ill

Dear Brothers & Sisters In Christ,

This prayer request is for Brother Steve Eisom. He was scheduled to become an ordained Deacon Sunday, April 29, 2007. He fell ill with an infected pancreas with a 2% survival rate. Presently he is on a dialysis machine as well as life support and has been heavily sedated. I ask that he be added to your prayer list. He is at University Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.As the family mourns the April 7th, 2007 loss of husband and father William N. Eisom…please join the Eisom Family in Ohio and the Houston area in praying for son Steve Eisom's healing.

Update: Today it was learned there is a mass around Brother Steve Eisom's pancreas and they want to perform exploratory surgery.

Sincerely,Sister Carol Eisom
1806 Turtle Creek Drive
Missouri City, Tx. 77459


For the dearly departed Nick Santos

We would like to offer prayers for the eternal repose of Nick Santos who passed away unexpectedly last Sunday at his home. We ask the good Lord to bless his soul and welcome him to paradise. Our condolences go to his bereaved family. May God give them the strength to navigate through the many challenges they face as a result of Nick's passing. Our prayers are with them.
~ From your friends in Moreno Valley, CA


El Sembrador listener requests prayer for her family

My name is Caroline, I originaly wrote the email for my daughter (alicia, 27) cause she wanted the name of the group that you had on a couple of weeks ago and to ask questions about her faith. I have sent the email to her and I hope she responds. Alicia suffers from depression and has for at least three years. She hates the ways he looks. She and our other two children have strayed away from their catholic faith. My youngest son Adrian (22) has suffered from depression, alcohol and drug abuse. He has been constantly under probation for drug offenses. this last offense he is on probation for two years but if he fails he will go to prison for a federal offense. Adrian has major phobias such as being around others, afraid of the dark and thoughts of evil. He has been seeing doctors and is on meds but he is never stable enough to hold a job. This is his reasoning for turning to drugs. Our oldest son Noey 29, is married with a father of two precious girls.

We keep our children in constant prayer and not give up hope. We listen to El Sembrador in spanish but i have problems making myself understood in spanish. Please keep my family in your prayers.

For my friend Bobby Yrigoyen and his family

I am writing to you to request prayer for my friend Bobby Yrigoyen and his family. . . and for the young soul of Joaquin. . . i received the following email on friday night. Friends and family of Bobby - put this event together - i just ask for your prayers for Bobby especially!! also if you could keep a young man by the name of james, in prayer - he was feeling suicidal the beginning of this week. thank you & god bless!! - jackie b.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Running For Dear Life is a Spirit led, up and coming fundraising ministry to help bring awareness to the sanctity and beauty of life. Though a sad time, we are honored to sponsor our first event in raising money to honor the life of a beautiful little baby boy named Joaquin. A little over a month ago, Joaquin was adopted by my friend Robert (BOBBY) Yrigoyen...amazing! Sadly, though beautiful and grace filled, the time spent together was a short one.Joaquin passed away Sunday night. 3/4(SIDS being the cause of death).Through this time of sorrow, grief, confusion, along with joyful memories, we come together as family and friends to be Christ to one another. In order to honor the life of Joaquin and raise funds for the funeral services, we will walk as a family around Legg Lake.

Meeting Time: 11:30 am.
Time we will begin walking: 12:15 pm
Walking Distance: Approx. 3 miles
Suggested Donation: $10 per person

For the eternal repose of our dearly departed Michael Banawa

Please join our family in praying for the eternal repose of our beloved Michael Banaweawho unexpectedly died of a heart attack last Sunday. He was 41. We pray that God take Michael in His arms and give him eternal rest and happiness. Funeral services will be held on Saturday from 3-6 pm. Then his remains will travel to the Philippines for final burial.
~ His grieving extended family in Fontana & Chino Hills, CA and Alitagtag, Batangas,Philippines

For better health for my family members

I would like to have a prayer request for my cousin Sarah who has bone cancer; my uncle Felipe who has eye disease; my mother Vicenta who has arthritis & mild diabetes; my brother Cepring who has kidney problem; and all members of my family.Please pray for God's healing that He will make them be totally healed from their illnesses and that they will have a full recovery to make them strong and healthy.Pray for me too that God will continue to give me a good health. Peace and Good health to all. God bless us all and the whole world.Thank you so much.
~ DP Barazza


For my Uncle Joe Lopez

Uncle Joe fractured his ankle yesterday when he slipped on the ramp he had built for his wife Jenny. It's pretty bad, so he'll need surgery. Keep him in your daily prayers for a fast recovery.