For my dear sister

My dear sister just called me to tell me the doctors just discovered a significant fibroid mass in her abdomen. The doctors have scheduled her for more tests and as you can imagine, she is very worried about it. She hasn't told a soul except me. And she asked that I include her in my prayers. I pray to God to please make this only a benign mass. I ask all of you to help pray for my sister's good health. Thanks to all.
- Anonymous


My niece who is off to college

I would like to offer prayers for my niece who is off to college in another state. She is leaving home for the first time. May our Lord Jesus keep her in the faith and steer her along the good paths always. I pray too that her parents find the strength in Jesus as they deal with the anxiety of having a child leave home.
-- JP in Raton


More Eucharistic Adoration in our Parishes

I would like to request prayers for ALL PARISHES TO HAVE MORE AND EVEN PERPETUAL EUCHARISTIC ADORATION IN THEIR PARISHES. Can you please, please get this message out to them as an important one? Thank you.
-- Jeannine from Palm Springs, CA


Starting a new ministry

I have embarked on a ministry that I pray will help many people find their way to God. I ask all your ParishWorld readers to pray with me that God may guide my way. I pray that He gives me the strength and perseverance to push forward and that I always walk in His light and never lose sight of my mission. I thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to serve your people.
-- A lay minister in His service


For Our Young People

Let us pray for our young people who have started their new school year. May the Good Lord keep them safe from harm and provide them with the guidance and the strength to make the right choices as they go about their everyday lives.-- A parent of an 8th grader