For better health for my family members

I would like to have a prayer request for my cousin Sarah who has bone cancer; my uncle Felipe who has eye disease; my mother Vicenta who has arthritis & mild diabetes; my brother Cepring who has kidney problem; and all members of my family.Please pray for God's healing that He will make them be totally healed from their illnesses and that they will have a full recovery to make them strong and healthy.Pray for me too that God will continue to give me a good health. Peace and Good health to all. God bless us all and the whole world.Thank you so much.
~ DP Barazza

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Anne Ang said...

Hi! I'm Anne from the Philippines. I prayed for your family. I would also like to suggest Pito-Pito Tea and LactoPafi for arthritis, diabetes, and kidney problems. These are natural remedies that are effective. They eliminate toxins from the body.