Please pray for my mother Nelly Menjares

Please pray for my mother (her name is Nelly Menjares) who is in UCLA Hospital right now. She's a post transplant patient and a kidney biopsy showed that she's having a rejection problem. A procedure is supposed to be done to reverse the rejection but she got shingles probably due to her low resistance. She's being treated now for the shingles and doctors have to wait until she's healed before they can do any procedure for her kidney problem. Please pray that God will give her the strength to endure the pain and for her healing. It pains me so much to see my mother agonizing over her condition. Please pray also for strength for our family so we can give her the support and love that she needs now. I believe that God is good and He will see us through this. I thank you for your support and prayers.

carol ting

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