Pray for Yadira and her family

Hey Everyone,My friend Yadira from work suffered a terrible tragedy today. Early this morning (Dec. 20, 2007), while driving home, two of her brothers, her cousin, and her boyfriend were involved in a car accident. They hydroplaned while driving down Waterman Ave. in San Bernardino, CA. Her two brothers and her cousin were killed in the crash, and her boyfriend is now in a coma, and his brain is bleeding. They are all between the ages of 16 and 18 and I do not know their names.This tragedy is going to make life even harder for Yadira and her family, as these young men worked with her father to help pay the bills. With that said, I ask that you all please pray for Yadira and her family, as well as for health for her boyfriend, and for the repose of the souls of those who died. Please ask that God be with them during these hard times, especially during this Christmas season, which makes this situation all the more tragic. Please keep them in your prayers, and please do not hesitate to pass this on, asking everyone you know to pray for Yadira and her family.Thank you, and God bless,

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