Pray for my Dad

My Dad just went into Hospice this afternoon. Please pray for his quick release. He is in a lot of pain. Those who were the pilgrimage with me to Israel the first of September may remember my mention of him. I had brought him home this Wednesday and he was doing well, then Friday morning he collapsed on me. I had to have the paramedics rush him to emergency, then back to the VA Hospital in Tucson. All vitals are out of wack. He was extremely dehydrated and adema is there. Kidneys a problem.
Dr. Lazurus said that he might also have had a heart attack. The chemo may have been to much for his body/organs. He is 90 years old. Fr. Greg came last night and we had prayers and the last rites. My prayers is for his peaceful return to the father so that his pain and struggle may be over. Pray for my brothers and sister and I to have the strength to face this lose. Thank You.
Terry Perkins

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