Please pray them.

For Eliyamma.A, Santosh.A, Sherin.A, Prakash.A, Annie.A, Shiny.A that each one of their sins may be forgiven, that they may be filled with the fruits of the holy spirit & be blessed with good health in mind, body & soul & be blessed with the gift of faith, peace, courage to love & worship God in all things they do. That they may outgrow their shallow, selfish, biased attitudes & be filled with love for all people, good & bad, rich & poor, & that by the compassion & mercy of our lord Jesus Christ may fill them full & finish their current troubles, heal their emotional wounds & banish all grief & pain. That each one of them, may be sanctified with Jesus's most precious blood & be made worthy of the Lord's eternal salvation. Grant these through in accordance with the will of our most high Jesus Christ, our saviour & redeemer.

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Anonymous said...

I join your family in prayer. be strong.