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This is the place for you to share your witness to God's love. Let the world know how Jesus has touched you. Share your stories and reflections and tell us how the Holy Spirit has made Himself manifest in your daily life. Post a prayer, give thanks to God.

Add your reflection or comments below so that we may all be enlightened and encouraged to walk our lives daily as true Catholic followers of Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Please help me and my family as we go through this very difficult and challenging time of our lives. We ask that you pray for us. We may lose everything and prayer is all we have. Your prayer of intention will be greatly appreciated. God bless.
Thank you,

Ruth Hjalmarsson said...

Please pray for Sergio Carrasco in Sweden that he will find God in his life and heart. He doesn't believe in Jesus anymore, but was born Catholic I think. I lost contact with Sergio and pray that he will be a part of my life again as a friend, but only if it is the will of God. Keep Sergio safe from all harm and save him! Also pray for his wife and son.

I don't know what else to do, than turn to other Christians all over the world and ask for help with this miracle. I promised God to pray for Sergio every day for the rest of my life.

I will knock on God's door until He either hears my prayer or the day comes when I die and go to heaven. But I want my friend to come to heaven too, when his days are fulfilled! Lord, have mercy on my prayer...

PLEASE HELP ME. Together our faith and our prayers can move mountains. And what a grace for all us Christians, when yet another brother will find the Lord... God bless you!

From Ruth Hjalmarsson, Sweden Ps. Please, unite all Christians you know, to pray for Sergio! Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ!

NonProfitGuru said...

Pray for my brother, that he may find God.

Jennifer said...

Please pray for my baby. I went for an ultrasound yesterday and there wasno heartbeat. I am going for another ultrasound tomorrow please pray that we see a heartbeat. St Catherine of sienna, protector of unborn babies, pray for us!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Father, pray for me to be released from the rage I feel inside. It's not fair to my wife and kids or myself. Heal me or show me the way.

Also please pray that I may be released from the pain I feel (and the effects that pain has on those close to me) due to an accidental partial amputation I suffered some years ago. Lord God, Heavenly King, please heal me.

Milarosa Viullanueva said...

Dear Lord, oh God, please help me with my financial problem. I am in need of your help Lord; please help me find ways to pay off my dues.

I know it is my fault that I wasn't able to manage my finances well, but I come to You now in full repentance, seeking Your mercy.

Please hear my cry Lord. Help me to overcome my financial problems. I surrender my burdens to you Lord as I don't know what to do. In Your Name, I pray...Amen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you St Anthony, Blessed Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus for prayers answered. My husband got approved for his disability which he had been waiting for 2 l/2 years to come through. Thank you Lord for blessing us so many times. God answers prayer, just be patient


Nancy Banuelos said...

Please pray for Genoveva Mosqueda Banuelos, she is in the hospital. She is devoted to the lord and is extremely sick. She is only 57 yrs old and is has been diabetic for 20 plus yrs. Within the last 5 yrs her health has turned for the worst. She had complete renal failure,has become blind, and is deaf (not completely) and now the doctors have found a tumor in between her liver and gallbladder. Her blood levels are extremely high and doctors are pretty set that she has cancer and only has 12-18mths to live, according to the doctor. Her biopsy was done on Thursday and we will get results on Tuesday, hopefully. She is my mother and i please ask for prayer. My hope is that a miracle would occur and that the tumor comes back benign and that the doctors are wrong. She does not know that she could possibly have cancer. We will need all the strength if we have to tell her that she does. God Bless you and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Dear god, in the name of jesus, pls revive our ceramic is going through a lot of production, quality and breakage problems.this factory is our bread and butter and of so many people.pls pls let it mot shut down.pls bless this company so that it prospers and flourishes.

Anonymous said...

.Dear heavenly father pls save our bengaluru factory from being sold.pls send some angel of yours to help us out-this i ask in the name of your son jesus christ.amen.

Shanaka da Silva said...

Pray for my mother. She was having a chest pain for nearly 10 years, and has gastritis .when she did a another test, a growth has found in her stomach. The sell are taken from the stomach has sent for CANCER cell testing. Please pray for her for good health both mentally and bodily .our father died in 1991 and she raised us with lot of difficulties.

I am a tall guy’s have severe pain in my two legs .please pray for that

Other intentions

1] Myself and my sister faced the fist &2nd interview with lot of satisfaction .let the will of the GOD happened to us .The results will be out in end of this month or beginning of the next month

2] Pray for THIMARA who is going Korea for his new job. He is a NOT a catholic, but attends to masses, praise and worship sessions organized by the catholic church .There believe in god is awesome

3) We are planning to build a house on my wife’s property .the final house plan to be review this week .pray for gods guidance and blessing to complete the project

4] My daughter also well now however pray for my daughter, my wife and myself for the good health

5} please pray for my manager &family, sagarika and family,Osman and family,brother and mother of Osman (both are mentally sick),tissa and family and dinusha and family

6} Pray for surani,rangika,suranga,thikshana,Annette, rita,shanthi,shamarl ,sureshi,asitha ,Amaya and suranga

Pray for amma,thartha,swendi,malsha &sudesha

7] My sister is divorced for more than 5 years and separate more than 10 years.the marriage is nullified by the church .pray for her future. She intend to get marry a again

8} find a good partner to suwendi(my sister in law)

9] Pray for all the souls in the purgatory. Specially Clarence,alloy,harlod,decidedius,regina,mary,emmanual

10}I just completed 2 months in my new appointment .pray for guidance ,protection and blessing to do my responsibilities

douglas rego said...

Need healing and deliverance. Pray to the lord to restore my health and heal my chest, legs, thighs and foot. Pray to my spritual break through. Pray that I receive my healing and protection form the powers of the darkness. Pray to the lord to bless me with a job in the capital city of zimbabwe

douglas rego said...

Pleas help me as I go through difficult time with my health. I am having chest, foot, thighs, backache pains. Pray to the lord to heal me and restore my health. Pray for my spiritual and financial break through. Pray that I pass the examinations which I have written from the 24th of October up to the 28th of October 2011.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Dear Mother of God, Our Lady of Conception Aparecida!
Oh! Saint Rita of Cassia and Saint Jude worker of miracles and
helper of impossible causes pray for me.
Saint Expedite, Saint of urgent causes. Saint Edwiges the Saint of the needy,
you know how desperate I feel, please ask Jesus to help me.
May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored and glorified for ever. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mary, St. Joseph, St. Rita, St. Jude, St. Pio, St. Expedite, St. Claire, St. Expedite, St. Therese, St. Anthony, all the angels and saints, please intercede for me and help me pray to our Lord Jesus. I pray that Jesus will be with me and my family always and keep us away from dangers, troubles, sickness and sins. Heal us Lord physically, emotionally and spiritually. Please increase our faith and give us the strength to overcome all trials. Bless the transaction of Manang Cely and Manong Ernesto and stop all obstacles that will stop all delays for the release of their funds on Monday. I beg you to dismiss the case of my son. Soften the heart of the complainants and the judge. Thank You Lord. Amen

Fer said...

Please pray for my marriage as we had drifted apart and forgot what that sacred bond was. As a result we are apart and ask of you lord to touch our hearts and heal the pain we have inflicted upon ourselfs. We both would like nothing more than to share the love you gave us and worship your holly words in unity.

Anonymous said...

please pray for my girls and wife who i have hurt emotionally. I broke their heart by committing adultery and now they suffer everyday. I'm not someone that seek help.I have almost every bad habit u can think of and i am not compassionate or the most lovable/like-able person. So please pray for them at least once since they are the one's putting up with me.