El Sembrador listener requests prayer for her family

My name is Caroline, I originaly wrote the email for my daughter (alicia, 27) cause she wanted the name of the group that you had on a couple of weeks ago and to ask questions about her faith. I have sent the email to her and I hope she responds. Alicia suffers from depression and has for at least three years. She hates the ways he looks. She and our other two children have strayed away from their catholic faith. My youngest son Adrian (22) has suffered from depression, alcohol and drug abuse. He has been constantly under probation for drug offenses. this last offense he is on probation for two years but if he fails he will go to prison for a federal offense. Adrian has major phobias such as being around others, afraid of the dark and thoughts of evil. He has been seeing doctors and is on meds but he is never stable enough to hold a job. This is his reasoning for turning to drugs. Our oldest son Noey 29, is married with a father of two precious girls.

We keep our children in constant prayer and not give up hope. We listen to El Sembrador in spanish but i have problems making myself understood in spanish. Please keep my family in your prayers.

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