For the dearly departed Nick Santos

We would like to offer prayers for the eternal repose of Nick Santos who passed away unexpectedly last Sunday at his home. We ask the good Lord to bless his soul and welcome him to paradise. Our condolences go to his bereaved family. May God give them the strength to navigate through the many challenges they face as a result of Nick's passing. Our prayers are with them.
~ From your friends in Moreno Valley, CA


Anonymous said...

To you, Wally,
I may never find the right words, to thank you for your support and prayers as we grieve for the loss of our Dear One.
My children and I would always look up to you for the greatness of your heart, and ask our Lord for his continued blessings on you and your loved ones.

Rita and Children.

Anonymous said...

We, the family of the late Nick Santos would like to whole heartedly thank Father Ike Lapuebla, M.S. of the St. Patrick Church, Moreno Valley, Ca.
Father Ike came and prayed over my family, the night our Dear One passed on. He helped each one of us hang on to our faith with the Lord thru prayers, and words of encouragement.
Father, my children and I trully appreciate you for walking an extra mile, cleansing and blessing the house of the Departed, and for making sure that you were there for, and with us during his final viewing. We know we still could not thank you enough.

The Santos'