For a successful recovery from prostate cancer

Rene C. will undergo an operation this coming Tuesday morning at the Makati Medical Center. The doctors will pinpoint exact locations and remove theprostrate cancer cells to avoid further spread and anyfuture complications. The surgical procedure will lastfor about four hours. He will also need to stay in thehospital from 3 to 4 days for his post operation monitoring. Rene was not aware of his sickness as there were nosymptoms. It was just detected by a regular company medical check-up.

His REQUEST/MESSAGE is “for us to take good care ofour health by at least undergoing a regular medicalcheck-up---this is not for ourselves but for ourfamily and love ones”. He is also very grateful forour concern and specially our prayers.Let us all pray for Rene’s successful operation andspeedy recovery. Our Don Bosco Makati Class of 74 batch will also offer a mass for him on Monday, 6 pm at the Don Bosco Makati Parish church. We request you to please take part in this mass offering.

Joel Aquino


Anonymous said...

Dear Rene,

I pray for your succesfull operation. And may the Almighty God send the Holy Spirit to guide the hands of your doctors to remove all the tumor in yur body!! I claim this to our Heavenly Father


Alex said...

Dear Rene,

God speed your recovery and keep strong. We are behind you. Please let us know if we can help with your recovery.

Alexander Lou

Joel Aquino said...

I learned from the daughter of Rene that he was transferred to the ICU room last night because of post opearation complications.

It was iniatially thought that his difficulty in urinating was due to his opearation. However, further
test indicated that his kidneys are failing .

The above information was relayed by Rene's wife to the daughter.

In this regard, let us all keep on praying for the speedy recovery of Rene from his illness. Let us raise
our prayer request to the Lord and put our trust in Him---His Love and Compassion will ever last..

Anonymous said...

That is sad news. My prayers and that of my family go to Rene and his family. May Jesus bless him with good health.

Editor @ said...

I spoke with Rene’s wife(Nelly) the other night . Rene is still in the ICU but is much better now than theprevious days.

There were post operation complications in the urinary track that prevented the bladder from draining. The drop in his blood pressure further aggravated the function of the kidneys that required him twice to undergo dialysis. His kidneys are now
functional--doing the usual work.

In this connection, let us all again pray more and pray hard for the speedy and complete recovery of Rene from all his ailments. We have a very loving God, and by His Grace, Rene will soon be on his way to full recovery.

His wife also requested me to thank all of our batch mates for the prayers and concerns extended to Rene and his family. Iba talaga ang samahan ng batch '74.

Joel Aquino