Prayer request from India

Please pray for me daily until cure require spiritual healing to cure black magic i am p.vijayakumar from chromepet place,chennai city,country india.i am 35 year oldcure of black magic and ,symptons: rigidity on my head from top and also body and please pray for protection of (minds/bodies/souls)by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST upon me.please pray for protection of (minds/bodies/souls)by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST upon me. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING

2 comments: said...

Thank you for your trust in Its publisher, editors and readers all, will join in prayer for your release from
the jaws of your affliction. We will leave the understanding of your ailment up to God and His beloved Son, Jesus joined with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many who read this will wonder what forces of evil are at work in you, but we will put our wonderment aside and ask that you be made well again. is a world-wide prayer network of disciples of Jesus. Our prayers will include sincere intercessions for your cure. When your health improves, please give us an update so that we can thank God for His help.

Gloria said...

My prayers are with you that you will be relieved from this torment within you. May our Blessed Mother and all the saints intercede for your needs.

God Bless!