Cancer patient needs frequent flyer miles for treatment

Michael is currently in the hospital having reconstructive surgery to his shoulder, which had to be removed due to a large cancerous tumor. He had been battling cancer for the last 3 years, he is 22 years old. He was diagnosed at 19 when he was going to start college. He wanted to work with children and become a teacher. He has the biggest heart and is a very special person and an inspiration to our family. He needs to go to San Antonio every 2 weeks for treatment. This was his last resort after having so many different treatments, most experimental researches, since he has a rare type of cancer.

We are also asking anyone who can donate frequent flyer or rapid rewards to help him continue his fight. He feels that by going through experimental treatments he will be doing good for others in his situation.

Please pray for him, or if you know of anyone who could help with the flights. The flights are the only thing we could not find help with. The Mercy Flights do not go to Texas due to restrictions. Please contact his Mother Corina Espinoza at (909) 964-2637. We thank you and bless you.

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